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Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: Coon Rapids, MN USA
Spouse/Partner: Vicki
Occupation: retired
Children: Erik, born 1969; Chad, born 1971

Erik is a wonderful son with a BA in Economics from St. Cloud More…State University. He has worked in cubicals for the past 28 years and is likely to continue that endeavor for the next 12 years . He has lots of experience in working in the retirement and corporate trust divisions of major banks and companies that manage company 401K programs. Now, at age 48 his dream is to venture forth in his own sports bar business, if someone will lend him the money; but that isn't likely to happen. He's a great "schmoozer," so he ought to do well in whatever he does. "Fantasy Football Leagues" are his passion. His mother and I hope his schmoozing will lead to matrimony, for he's never been married. Any possibilities out there you know of? His preferences are his fantasy football leagues, golf and hunting. Can a good woman stand for all that?

Chad, on the other hand, has taken a different and more normal track in life. He studied to become the best certified auto mechanic in the world. I bring all my vehicles to him, not because he's my son, but because he's just that good. He can fix anything. He has owned his own shop for the past 18 years. It's his three children that we cherish as our grandkids, and we make all their games. Between birthdays, wrestling, soccer and football we see them often and feel very blessed that they seem to love grandma and grandpa. Steven is finding his way in life at age 25, Ashley, at 22, has 1 year to go before becoming a Registered Nurse, and Tyler at age 17 is already an accomplished duck and deer hunter.

2013 was a "watershed" year for me. I finally noticed that at age 72 that I had finally "hit the wall." Tennis has become more difficult with a rotator-cuff issue, and a bout in 2013 with cellulitis had certainly taken its toll. But I still plan to go ahead and play more tennis, anyway, and when the snow finally clears away and summer begins, I intend to hit the golf links with abandon! Being a "macho-remnant" certainly has its challenges. But if we stop exercising at the YMCA and trying to stay in some sort of shape, what will happen to us? In 2015 I went under the knife, again, and get some new "hip-bearings." Then it was back to sports as usual. I continue to be so busy with memberships on boards of directors and other numerous community service organizations, that I hardly have time for Vicki's list of projects. I can't believe that I've had 14 surgeries in my life, and the University doctors want to fix both of my shoulders. I'm investigating stem cell therapy so see if that might work.

I expect to have to return soon to my wife's "honey-do" list; that will occupy most of my time between golf, tennis and boating, for the rest of my life!

School Story:

As a member of the Physics Club in High School, several of us launched and recovered a balloon flight with cosmic ray detection equipment. The other classmates involved were Tom Martin, Orrin Fackler, and Bob LaPerriere. The balloon landed, as I recall, somewhere in Missouri, and the finder sent it back to us. We were all thrilled to think of ourselves as budding scientists that were making inroads on the cutting edge of cosmic ray physics. But, of course, nothing earth-shattering was discovered; yet three of us did go on to become college students majoring in physics. Orrin worked ultimately on validating elementary particle theory, Tom is still working on understanding gravity; I became a college physics teacher and Bob became a dermatologist.

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It's Roger Johnson's birthday today.
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Howell Owens: I hope you had a nice round of golf in Florida to round out your 77th birthday.
Keep on keepin' on...and have a very Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday, Sandy! Sunday should be a great day for you. Tell Bill to be nice to you, or else...

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Happy Birthday Howell! Thanks for your continuing leadership and guidance for our class. Keep swinging those golf clubs.

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Feb. 10th is the birthday of Donna Rose Reyes. Happy Birthday, Donna! And keep the California sunshine coming our way. We need the warmth today.

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Prayers are in order for classmate Don Brose. I just heard on Minnesota Public Radio that he was hit by a car when crossing a street in Mankato. That makes news when the famed Mankato State University Hockey Coach is injured. The good news is that whatever damage he suffered is not life threatening. But the details have not been made public; so prayers are in order for Don's full recovery.

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Wishing you the very best in the years ahead.
Some of you are already looking forward to our 60th Reunion in 2018!